About us

End Century Cars is a family owned car rental and maintenance garage located in Legionowo (25 km from the center of Warsaw, Poland, in the mid-way to Warsaw/Modlin Airport). Beside renting over 10-years old cars commonly available, you have the opportunity to rent cars that you will not see in these-days traffic. Subjectively interesting cars. You can see and feel the standards of performance, driving, comfort and safety of selected passenger cars in the 70s, 80s and 90s of the twentieth century.

We offer rental of selected passenger cars, all in very good condition, well maintained, eficient and safe. We pay special attention to the  failure-free operation of our cars by detailed and ongoing preventive maintenece. In case of any car failure we guarantee our 24h technical suport and a replacement car througout Poland.

Our friendly services also include the delivery of a vehicle to a chosen location in Warsaw City, Warsaw/Modlin Airport, Legionowo or Serock (up to 40 km from the company seat), airport pick-up or delivery to hotel – according to the price list.  If you prefer just to sit down, relax and to enjoy the sights, we suggest you rent a car with a driver. Let our driver drive you to any destination that you want to see in or near Warsaw.

Call or write to us and we will send you an individual quote of your chosen car for a particular period, with the option of insurance, optional equipment and possible discounts (for discounts see also tab Facebook). You can make reservations in advance to guarantee the availability of your chosen vehicle – send an email to mailto: info@endcenturycars.eu or call us on +48 606-201-516. Our customer service is available 7 days a week, 7:00 to 22:00.

Our headquarter is located 800 meters from Legionowo Railway Station (in the middle between the Centre of Warsaw and Warsaw Modlin Airport). Excellent access by trains:

  • SKM line S-3 or KM line RL from Warsaw Central Station (30 min.) and from the F.Chopin Airport (about 50 min.) 
  • SKM line S-9 and KM line R90 from Warsaw Gdańska station (22 min.)
  • KM lines RL and R90 from Modlin railway station (16 minutes).

We will pick our clients up from and take to Legionowo Railway Station for free.

We sympathize with classic cars and we appreciate traveling by vehicles with “soul”. For the past 23 years, we’ve been keeping in well condition and ready to drive the unique Renault 4 cars, which according to modern production standards, should have long since ceased to exist.

In our offer we also have younger vehicles, which subjectively seem to us simply interesting and worth keeping in good condition for many years.

In addition, we offer the possibility to rent Thule Atlantis 600 roof box, Thule bike racks and other accessories. We can also rent up to two bikes to our customers.

Contact us for more information: mobile +48 606-201-516, e-mail: mailto: info@endcenturycars.eu